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Apples are for… MUCH more than just eating as a snack! Enjoy showing your children illustrations of apples in different settings like in a cider mill, apples in a pie, apple stamps and more!
For pre-school aged children.

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“Paper people”

In book one of this delightful series, you will join Penny as she discovers a magical world hiding inside her pajama drawer. Journey to the tiny world of the “Paper People” who come to life and take Penny on a new adventure in each book. For children ages 4-10

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“The Hoodwinked Hunter”

When a hunter enters the forest, the pointy horned deer springs into action to warn his friends. Watch as the tricky animals find secret places to hide! For children ages 4-8

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Pesky Polar Bears

Hank is a lazy polar bear from a frozen, far away land. He never works hard and tries to steal his supper. Find out how he gets caught and if he escapes!

For Ages 4-8. eBook or Print