With over 20 years as an illustrator and graphic designer, Norma brings a wealth of experience and a unique style to her artwork. Norma graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art and attended Pratt Institute in New York. She is a contributing illustrator to The Children's Writer's Guild. Her work has been featured on book covers, magazine covers, augmenting book content and featured art in promotional materials for corporate clients. Illustrating for children’s books is her greatest passion and she’s glad to share her books with your family.



Suzanne studied creative writing at New York University and has been a contributing writer and photographer for several online magazines, publications and websites. As a mother of four children, she knows the joy of watching a child read his or her favorite story over and over. Partnering with Norma, this mother/daughter team binds the written word with beautiful illustrations on each page, creating fun, imaginative stories for you and your children to enjoy. To see Suzanne’s photo portfolio, Click Here.